BBQ Pork Ribs

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If you have a smoker, use it.  They will turn out better. Still possible to make good ribs in the oven if you don't.

Season the ribs with your favorite rub, smoke for 3 hours with apple juice in a cup or saucer in the smoker. 

Transfer Ribs  to oven pan with bottom of pan covered barely with apple juice and bake for an additional 3 hours at 200-225 F and check.  When about 1 inch of the rib bones are showing the ribs are ready to come out of the oven.

I like wet ribs but if you don't, let them rest for a few minutes then serve.  

At this point,  I lather them in a BBQ sauce, either sweet baby rays or home made, show on the grill over medium high heat and close the grill for a few minutes to get that nice glaze going.  I remove from the grill, place the rack/s on a tray and serve with out cutting up the rack


1 Full Rack of Baby Back Ribs

1 cup Apple Juice

Mesquite Rub

1 Cup of your favorite BBQ

Oven Baked Ribs Method

Trim excess Fat/optional removal of membrane

Season your Ribs with your favorite rub (I use a premade store bought mesquite rub)

Allow to sit and absorb flavor for 20 min

Place in a baking dish and cover bottom of dish with apple juice

Cover with tin foil

Bake at 180-200F for 6 Hours

Remove from Oven (should see .5 inch or more  of bone poking out

Spread Sauce evening over ribs

Grill over medium heat in a closed grill for  5 minutes


I miss my smoker

Low and slow

Oven baked Ribs Step by Step

Trim Excess Fat


Trim EXCESS fat, not all.  I leave the membrane on because it helps the ribs stay together on the grill and I like the texture better with it on



Season with your favorite Rub.  I use a store bought mesquite rub.  Add apple juice or apple cider vinegar or some other liquid to the pan to prevent dryness.

Bake for 5-6 Hours


Bake for 5-6 Hours or so at about 180-200F. The longer you have the cook, the lower the temp. The lower and longer you go, the better they will turn out.

Slather with Sauce


The Ribs are done with the oven when the bones start peaking out about a half inch.  Slather on your sauce at this point. Or Serve without the wet sauce. Your call.

Finish on Grill


Grill over medium heat with the lid closed for 5-10 minutes.  This will give you that nice glaze.



Serve with a healthy supply of napkins


Pulled Pork

Additional Information

Low and slow is the secret to delicious versatility.  Takes some pre planning but 8 hours plus or minus depending on how much pork shoulder or pork butt you use.  I usually cook for about 8 hours at about 200F in the oven, because I don't have a crock pot.

Sometimes I brown the meat, sometimes I don't.  I season the outside of the pork with salt, pepper, Garlic powder is my usual go to.  Sometimes I go easy and just use lawrys seasoning salt, or add some brown sugar if you prefer.

I usually put some liquid in the cast iron or baking dish, my favorite is jack daniels or coke a cola, cover with foil and set an alarm.  Afterwards cans shred and mix in additional sauce, or serve as is in a variety of dishes.


Pork 2-4lbs

Jack Daniels



Garlic Powder


Satisfy a Craving

Hello BBQ sandwiches

Don't blame the oven mom

Season the Pork

This one is with Brow Sugar

I mix salt, pepper, garlic powder and apply evenly to outside of pork.  I Usually rely on my sauce for my sweetness.  However if your pork is not going be served "wet" or just like sweet port apply Brown sugar on the pork

Browning Optional


Browning is optional.  I usually don't.  If you put sugar on the pork and try to brown its going to be a mess...

Dish Prep


I grease my baking dish with a paper towel by spreading a touch of olive oil around.  I put my pork in the dish, and put a solid pour of Jack daniels or Jim beam in the dish around the pork.  Great flavor and keeps it moist.  Coke also works nicely

Cook Low and Slow


I set my oven to maybe 200F and let the pork cook for 8 hours.  Usually is about right.  This method is pretty forgiving.  Remember you can always cook it longer



Shred with a fork.  If you are planning on eating all or most with in 24 hours great time to add sauce.  Other wise keeps better in the freezer with out the sauce.

My Favorite


Toast a bun with buttery garlic, mix your pork with bbq (sweet baby rays for you lazy bastards) a pickle or two, maybe a little onion.  If you really like cheese go for it but this stands alone