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Quick and  easy way to start the day off without a pop tart


1 cup milk

1 cup yogurt

1 cup of fruit


Put the yogurt, milk and fruit into the blender and blend until your desired consistency is reached

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I would rather have bacon.  There could be more to this video.  Or could be very cathartic to watch a blender

Future for Breakfast

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French Toast

Skillet Breakfast

Breakfast Sandwich 

Steak and Eggs

Walleye Fillet (lets not kid, it will be a subpar substitute that I say is walleye)


Eggs Page in Work



The Classic.  Whisk the yoke and egg whites together and your off.  I grease the pan, add butter, and stir constantly sometimes off the heat



Crack an Egg on a hot pan or skillet.  That's about it.



A Cousin of Poached, but you're cooking with steam without flipping or submerging.  I use a bit of water and cover the pan.



Crack an egg into hot water....

Over Easy, Medium, and Hard


Sunny Side Flipped. Easy, medium, and hard refer to the hardness of the yoke with easy being soft or runny with hard being solid.

Boiled Hard and Soft


Hard-Boiled an Egg all the way through

Soft-Boil an Egg halfway

Breakfast Meat in Work

Bacon & Pancetta


Fry, Fry, Fry. Guess you could bake bacon if cooking for a crowd...

Ground Sausage


So many types of ground sausage... Venison, Pork, Turkey, and whatever other animals are out there... make a patty and get started

Sausage Links


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Ham & Canadian Bacon


Aren't these the same?



See our piece on steak.  Same rules apply.  Often a bit smaller and thinner and I usually pan fry.

Turkey Bacon


See Bacon, but I have doubts about your soul



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There are so many different options for Pancakes.  Chocolate chip, blue berry, plain buttermilk... the list goes on and on.  I use the same batter for all of them with the addition of the defining flavor to the batter.

Think about it... when was the last time you were made pancakes and didn't have a good day?  Now you're probably wishing you had some pancakes.  Be the hero if you wake up first, what else are you going to do?

The combination smell of bacon and pancakes is a proven winner


1 Cup of Flour

1 tbsp sugar

2 tsp of baking soda

pinch of salt

1 egg

1 cup of milk

2 tbsp of oil 

a few drops of vanilla extract

a pinch of cinnamon

* chocolate chip, blue berries, banana etc


1. Combine ingredients in mixing bowl stir into well combined but with some lumps

2. Add your optional ingredient and mix into batter

3. Heat skillet over medium heat, oil or grease with cooking spray or vegetable oil

4. pour batter onto skillet, when top bubbles flip over and cook for another 1-2 minutes

5. Top with butter or powdered sugar or syrup or whatever you like

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Never a bad day for pancakes