Make and season patty


Make a patty to a size you desire.  They do shrink and contract when cooked. Make an indentation to help prevent this.  Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder or lawrys seasoning salt.

Apply heat


This means put it on the grill. Or your skillet, or your pan.  Cook time will vary based on thickness and your grill or skillet.  Practice over time and try to make them the same way every time.  Learn over time

Toast bun & add cheese


Lightly butter your bun or spread olive oil then lightly coat with garlic powder.  Toast in indirect heat.  Also add your cheese at this time.  In a closed grill this will probably be a 2-5 minutes 

Add Toppings


This one is personal preference.  However its a power move to make the burger ready to eat. amateurs should prepare the toppings and allow the patrons to assemble their own burger 



Its a classic.  I would think everyone could do this but I have truly been forced to eat some terrible burgers over the years.  Quality in, quality out and god no pre made patties and please dear lord do not way over cook your burger!

Simple Grilled steak

Raise Cow


Introduce a bull and a cow  and adopt their child

Slaughter Cow


 Once you have custody and your cow has reached maturity, kill it. 

Butcher Cow


And select a good cut

Season your steak


Ideally have a 2 inch thick ribeye. season with salt and pepper (lightly with garlic powder if you're wild). Allow meat to come to room temperature

Grill steak/or pan fry


Grill over high heat or panfry over medium-high heat. If pan frying, use a bit of fat from the steak to grease pan as the pan heats up.  Grilling is better.  Flip when it starts to bleeds  (when the blood starts to bubble up)-  When the other side bleeds its done to a perfect medium rare.



Serve.  Error on the side of undercook. You can always throw it back on the grill. the Steak will continue to cook after being removed from the heat. anything past medium rare is an insult to that cows life.