Tomato Sauce

Additional Information

I Make two versions of tomato sauce.  One smooth and one that's kinda halfway to a ragu.  Both are simple.  Both take a little effort.  Both freeze excellently.  This is a weekend project that you can make a ton and freeze it in the portions you like.  I usually freeze it in portions for two.

Ingredients for smoth

Normal Tomatoes (I usually use pomodora salsa) 




Red wine



optional other herbs

Method for smooth

Peel your tomatoes. cut an X on the bottom, boil for a minute or two.  Drop in cold water and the skin will come right off.

Cover your pan in oil and start the garlic until it starts to soften/turn yellow over low heat

Add Herbs

Add peeled tomatoes about a couple minutes after the herbs

Add a half glass of wine

Adjust taste with salt and sugar

The longer you simmer your sauce the more it will blend

Info Note

If you plan to freeze the sauce go light on the salt and sugar and adjust when you use it.

Additional Ingredients for chunky




speck or pancetta or sausage or ground beef or some sort of meat

Method Difference

Chop onion, carrot, and celery.  The smaller the pieces the more they will dissolve

Cube or ground whatever meat you have

Add the vegetables after the garlic

Add the meat with the herbs

Reward is worth the risk

Make and freeze for the easy week day meal.  The store bought  jar cannot compare